Adding Value to Your Community

At All Points Community Management, formerly EMG Management Services, we strive to provide direction and guidance that will protect and enhance the value of your community.

"As I was preparing for our meeting this evening I noticed a huge difference between your financial reports and those of the other managers. It's easy to understand, thorough, and neat. Without exaggeration, it's the difference between a high quality vellum and a paper napkin. It's wonderful to work with a team that puts a lot of thought and care into all their products."

-Kevin Burke, Former Wellington HOA President

All Points specializes in managing all types of community associations, from single family homeowner associations to mixed-use condominiums. As one of only three Accredited Association Management Companies® in the state, and with 16 years of experience in the industry, we offer the highest level of service to communities throughout Central Kentucky. If you are interested in engaging our services in your community, please click here to request a management proposal.

From member communication and meetings to rules enforcement, we facilitate the day-to-day operations of your association.

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We develop preventative maintenance programs and engage the best contractors available to preserve and enhance community assets.

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Our responsible and transparent financial management protects your investment in your community.

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